Steam Carpet Cleaning

The steam carpet cleaning technique is an environmentally friendly and effective method to clean almost everything starting from rugs to carpets and furniture. A rug or carpet is quite expensive, and you do not want to risk them for a steam cleaning the carpet yourself! No need to worry, our carpet cleaning Service Company at Madison provides specialized steam cleaning for carpets and rugs. Our experience and mastery of the method will provide the best cleaning every time. Be amazed by the power of our cleaning to restore and maintain the beauty of your carpet longer and cheaper than you think.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Madison, WI

Steam Carpet Cleaning Madison, WI

Caring for the environment and your health, we use only biodegradable, non-toxic, which leaves no residues. The process is simple; disinfection and cleanliness are guaranteed.

Our Experts at Work

The carpet cleaning starts by inspecting the surface to be cleaned. Our experts carefully inspect your carpet or furniture to identify and address specific problems such as beverage stains, food, inks, blood, gum damage done by pets and any problem of urine odor, mold or of nicotine etc.

Then we apply our carpet cleaning solution with a spray bottle. The effectiveness of our pretreatment solutions makes all the difference. Pretreatments are mixtures of cleaning solutions sprayed before cleaning and which provide tenfold efficiency. The choice and mix of good products depend on the types of carpets and rugs. Our high-performance products, which are non-toxic and biodegradable, ensure unparalleled results every time. You will note with pleasure, the amazing effectiveness of our cleaning.

Our experts then conduct a thorough steam cleaning of your carpets. A steam lifts the dirt is sucked up by our industrial power equipment or our truck plant residues without leaving your carpets, free of bacteria, mites, and other allergens. The result will convince you: your carpet or your furniture will be silky, perfectly clean.

Thereafter, we apply necessary treatments based on the requirements. Drying of the carpet is done within two to three hours of our visit, thus eliminating the risks associated with the spreading of mold.

Advantages of Steam Carpet Cleaning

Often referred to as “extraction by hot water”, the method of steam carpet cleaning is the method of cleaning carpets that almost all manufacturers and producers of carpet fibers recommend.

Indeed, as this is the only method of cleaning carpets that are considered capable of making a deep cleaning of fibers. All other methods of carpet cleaning are considered mild because they may not be able to remove dirt settled deep inside the carpet. In addition, all other methods may leave large quantities of chemicals and cleaning agents in the carpet after cleaning.

Steam cleaning offers many significant advantages using very little water for running a system for non-abrasive surfaces as well as offers power and unparalleled efficiency. Choose a method that has already been proven.

The harmful microbes cannot survive at temperatures above 50 degrees. So we eliminate allergens, parasites, bacteria, viruses, germs, mold in short anything that could harm your health. Nothing can resist or get used to the heat of the steam sprayed on the carpet.

The steam carpet cleaning also eliminates odors. Carpet cleaning done by our experts eliminates unpleasant odors that may have been impregnated in your carpet. Our cleaning process removes material residue in your carpet or rugs, which are the cause of unpleasant odors. In addition, we have deodorant products specially formulated for the job with tough odors like cat urine, nicotine, fire etc.

Carpet Cleaning in Madison

If you are planning your residential or commercial carpet cleaning, ask us for a free estimation, and enjoy the best market prices. Calling our carpet cleaning services in Madison, and you will deal with a carpet cleaner from the best source, for cleaning your rugs or carpets done efficiently and at the best price.

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Whether it is the carpet at the basement of your home, condo, or apartment building, we guarantee the quality and reliability of our services. The quality of our work and carpet cleaning products we use makes all the difference. We also specialize in carpet repair services.

We use effective cleaning and restoration products for all kinds of carpets and rugs. Combined with our steam extraction method, they eliminate allergens and ensure perfect results, whatever dirt or stains there might be.

Join thousands of satisfied customers and enjoy the service along with the beneficial prices we offer for cleaning your commercial or residential carpets by calling us today for a free estimate!

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