Carpet Repairs in Madison & Surrounding Areas

Are you considering replacing your carpet because of stains, burn holes, water damage, pet damage, separating seams or waves in the carpet? Don’t tear it out yet… In many cases we can repair your carpeting!

Service PLUS is a Certified Firm and is considered a trusted leader in carpet repairs.

We Repair:

  • Cigarette Burns
  • Iron Marks
  • Snags & Pulls
  • Open Seams
  • Waves & Bubbles
  • Tears & Rips
  • Pet Damage
  • Difficult Spots
  • Red Stain Removal
  • Bleach Stain Repair
  • Water Damage

Carpet Repair Before

Carpet Repairs After






Carpet Stretching, patching or repair can add years to the life of your carpet at a fraction of the cost and hassle that would be involved in replacing it.


"Joe is an angel! Thanks for fixing the snag in our carpet that was in the middle of our living room! It looks great. Your service was fast, friendly, professional and of good quality!!
Peg Keeler - Middleton, WI


"Joe repaired the damaged carpet back to looking like new. Thai is exactly what my wife and I were hoping for."
Kyle Osterholz - Verona, WI


"In and out without a hassle and job done well. I was satisfied with the carpet repair - what I wanted and expected. "
Charles Miller - Middleton, WI


“Service PLUS arrived here in a timely manner after I called. We were very pleased with the outcome.”
Ray & Rosa Ropers, Waunakee, WI


“Outstanding service; very thorough and highly responsible. Superb quality of repair.”
Jim Woodward – Verona, WI


“We absolutely loved the way our carpet looks after it was cleaned, and we were very pleased with the carpet repair job. Thank you for a great job.”
Mark Denhart – Sun Prairie, WI


“Excellent job re-stretching our carpet.”
- Ardy Spellman, McFarland, WI


“Service PLUS has prompt scheduling and good results. Carpet patch was done after bathroom remodeled.”
- Barb Danahy, Middleton, WI


“The carpet stretching was very effective as was the cleaning. We are very happy with the results. Joe was very nice, polite & easy to work with. Thank you, Joe!”
- Michelle Hartner-Abaza, Cottage Grove, WI


“Professionalism & Knowledgeable. Had problem with spots of cat urine on carpet, odor has not returned. Thank you for the pad replacement.”
- Anne Coombes, Black Earth, WI


“Very prompt service & excellent results. Carpet looks like new.”
- Mary Rojo, Waunakee, WI


“Joe is excellent; his workmanship is outstanding. The carpets look fantastic. The repair work in the kitchen/hall as well as the bar area were great. Thank you so much!!”
- Cathy Janquart, Waunakee, WI


“You did exactly what you said you could and would do. I wanted to make my carpet look like new, because the home was for sale. The carpet looks like it’s new. Joe said he could and he did!”
- Randy Hilbelink, Madison, WI


“Joe was on time, very professional, and very careful to insure no damage to my carpet.”
- Tony Quartuccio, Madison, WI


“The best part of working with Service PLUS is the quality of the work!”
- Joel Craven, Madison, WI


“I trusted Joe in my home and felt the quality of the service was excellent.”
- Diana Zomer, Sun Prairie, WI


“Professional and trustworthy. Carpet repair was very good as was the cleaning.”
- Roger Beauchaine, Madison, WI


“Everything looked great, we’re very happy with the patch on the carpet.”
- Kim Toops, Sun Prairie, WI


“My cat damaged 3 of my carpeted steps. I only had a small amount of extra carpet and Joe was able to make the repair. Joe was polite when I called for information. I felt that his workmanship and quality of service was excellent.”
- Nash Vargas, Madison, WI


“Your flexibility was appreciated in re-scheduling a carpet repair on a Monday, out of cycle for your normal repair crew. This helped us get our rental unit turned around in time for our new tenants! Service PLUS was able to fix the carpet in less than an hour. The ripples in our carpet have been an eyesore for over two years! Excellent Work! I never thought such a restoration could be possible, much less at a very modest cost. You’ve got my business now and in the future!”
- Mike Bongard, Middleton, WI


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