Pet Stains and Odor Removal

Your pet may be your best friend, but Fluffy and Fido can be one of your carpet and furniture’s worst enemies.

Even the best-trained pet may have an accident, and if left untreated, that little mishap can permanently damage your carpet or upholstery.Pet Stains and Odor Removal

Call Service PLUS Carpet Cleaning & Restoration for your pet stain and odor issues.

We can remove a variety of stains or spots that include urine, vomit and feces. With some carpet fiber types, it can be especially important to handle the stain or spot without waiting too long. Stains such as urine, when left in a nylon carpet, for example, can cause color damage. It is best to not wait to have some of these stains removed. Service PLUS Carpet Cleaning & Restoration offers treatments that can vary depending on severity and the desires of the customer.

The following is a very typical method that we offer in our urine treatment process:

  1. Locate and mark the stains or spots.
  2. Apply a solution that is in a large enough quantity to get down to the padding. Urine can easily pass through carpet and addressing the padding can help assure more complete treatment in regard to spots, stains and odors.
  3. After the solution has had some dwell time to work, a vacuum hose and/or Water Claw can be used to extract the solution from the carpeting and padding.
  4. If any staining remains after the above steps, we may retreat with the above steps and/or treat with a product known as Urine Rescue, which may gradually diminish the stain. Again, it is important to know that some urine stains that are left in carpeting for too long may cause actual color damage to your carpeting.
  5. Overall washing of the carpet is a nice step to be done after successful urine treatments are completed. The above mentioned product called Urine Rescue may be applied as a very last step for any really stubborn stain issues.

Has your pet been urinating in a certain area or spot for a period of time? It may be important to treat the subfloor in addition to working on the carpet and padding. Service PLUS Carpet Cleaning & Restoration can also perform this more advanced service when needed. We also offer upholstery cleaning if your pets have stained your furniture.

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