Frequently Asked Questions

What carpet cleaning method do you use?
We use the hot water extraction method which is the preferred method by Carpet Mills. This method of cleaning will also keep your carpet warranty intact.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?
Approximately 2 to 4 hours to dry. It depends on the level of soil in your carpet (because more water is required) and the humidity level. We do provide high speed carpet drying fans to speed up the dry time. Fan drying is included when having your carpets professional steam cleaned by Service PLUS.

Do I need to vacuum my carpets before you arrive to clean?
As a full service professional carpet cleaning company, we vacuum every square inch of carpet that is to be steam cleaned with a powerful commercial vacuum. This vacuuming removes hair and dander from the carpet and is part of the EXCLUSIVE 11 STEP SERVICE PLUS CLEANING PROCESS each client receives.

Can I remove spots myself?
It depends on the stain or spot. Call us and we will gladly advise you on the proper procedures on how to remove a variety of spots. We do offer all our clients a complimentary bottle of commercial grade general spotter which works great on many stains and spots.

What method do you use to remove pet stains and odors?
Service PLUS uses a powerful pet enzyme pre-spray. We rake the pre-spray deep into the base of the fibers, allow 10 to 20 minutes of dwell time and then extract it with 240 degree steam. As an added measure, we then spray the cleaned area with a neutralizer.

Do I have to move furniture?
No, moving furniture such as sofas and love seats is included with the cleaning. Pieces such as large screen televisions, hutches and pianos are carefully and meticulously cleaned around.

What are your hours of business?
Most appointments are made between 9am to 4pm Monday through Thursday and 8am to 12pm (noon) on Fridays. Special arrangements can be made to accommodate your busy schedule. Emergency water damage restoration/flooding mediation is available 24/7 with a response time of 90 minutes or less.

How do you price your carpet cleaning?
We provide upfront room pricing which allows Service PLUS Carpet Cleaning to offer quick, accurate phone estimates. All our work is guaranteed.
Service PLUS is a CERTIFIED FIRM. We are also bonded and insured.

How do we make an appointment?
Call Joe at 608-212-5051 or e-mail at