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Your carpeted floors are among the most heavily used areas in your home or business. They can be magnets for everything from muddy shoe-prints to coffee spills. They also serve as a filter, trapping dust and airborne allergens and keeping them out of the air you breathe. Service PLUS provides top-notch carpet cleaning in Madison, WI.

Regular cleaning by an experienced professional will not only help keep your floors looking great, but can even prolong the life of your carpets and improve the air quality in your home or business.

Carpet Cleaning Madison, WI

At Service PLUS Carpet Cleaning & Restoration, we offer our clients a thorough, multi-step cleaning process that helps keep carpets looking their best.

  1. We begin with a pre-cleaning inspection, looking for stains and other problem areas that will require additional attention.
  2. We vacuum with a very powerful commercial vacuum to remove dry particulate, hair & dander. Many cleaning firms do not pre-vacuum.
  3. We move small pieces of furniture.
  4. We pre-treat the carpet by spraying a powerful enzymatic pre-spray to loosen trapped soils.
  5. We agitate the pre-spray deep into the fiber resulting in a much thorough cleaning.
  6. We edgevac the perimeter of each room that will be steam cleaned.
  7. During the extraction process (commonly known as steam cleaning), we use state-of-the-art truck-mounted equipment for deep cleaning. We also have the Rotovac which is generally used on Berber or heavily soiled carpet.
  8. We post-spot any stains that were not removed with the initial cleaning.
  9. We deodorize your carpet.
  10. We speed dry the carpet with carpet drying fans as well as groom carpets with a carpet rake. Service PLUS Carpet Cleaning has a super fast dry times of 1-2 hours.
  11. We post-inspect the carpet with a final walk through with the client.

These are the steps we typically follow, but we can and will adapt our process to accommodate specific situations.

We also offer a variety of special products and services, including:

  • Organic and all-natural cleaning agents.
  • Anti-allergen cleaning for people who are particularly sensitive to pet dander, dust mites and other allergens.
  • Odor control and general deodorizing to eliminate pet, cigarette and other odors.

And you won’t have to make a chiropractor appointment after we leave. We can do the heavy lifting to move your furniture. We can even schedule a follow-up visit once the carpet is dry to remove the blocks and paper tabs we place under furniture legs.

Your Local Carpet Cleaning Company

There is just something unique about a clean home or office that brightens up the day and gives one a smile. That feeling of satisfaction comes directly from keeping the carpet and upholstery in your living environment clean, fresh and healthy.

Experience, quality and passion to work are the three motivators that have made us successful over the years. We pride ourselves in serving the residents of Madison by providing carpet cleaning services. We provide steam carpet cleaning services and a full range of residential, commercial and restoration services.

We provide cost-effective carpet cleaning solutions that work! Our experienced professionals and advanced equipment with ensure that your carpets are clean within very few minutes. We use non-corrosive solutions and cleaning agents that will make your carpet clean and also last for long.

Our specialists can do the following:

Why we are the Best Madison Carpet Cleaning

Time is precious for you as a customer and us as the service provider. We spend 3 to 4 hours cleaning before leaving you to enjoy your clean environment. All carpet cleaning services include pre-spray, deodorizer, anti-bacterial solution and a 30-day warranty. We have offers for our clients such as coupons, gift certificates or even web advertisements.

Our cleaning process is designed to give your carpets a deep, long-lasting, healthy clean feel without the use of harsh chemicals or detergents. The following is what you should expect when we visit.

  • Certified Firm by the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification)
  • A through carpet pre-treating
  • Non-toxic steam carpet cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning deodorizer
  • 30-day warranty
  • Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning techniques
  • Scheduled appointment-no-3-hour window and no waiting
  • 3 hour drying time
  • Professional and friendly technician with years of experience
  • Satisfaction guarantee- we enjoy being known as the best in Madison

What Separates Us From The Rest

  • Qualified professionals with years of experience
  • Our cleaning techniques exceed what is recommended by major manufacturers
  • On time arrival in a clearly marked van and professionals who are in full uniforms
  • Low cost, honest upfront pricing with no hidden fees
  • Use of latest technology and equipment’s when cleaning
  • Use of environment-friendly products when cleaning

We pride in what we do and can prove by the number of homes that have given great testimonials about our services. We believe that we are the change that people of Madison need. Make a call or visit our offices to understand what we can do and how first we can offer our services.

Carpet Cleaning Testimonials

"Prompt, professional, knows his business. I prefer to call him the Carpet Jeanie"
Cathy Januart - Waunakee, WI

"Prompt and easy to work with. I was referred to Joe from a real estate client and he did such a great job that I referred him to others. I have used Service PLUS myself and am very pleased with the results."
Roxanne Andler - Deforest, WI

"Joe's kindness, willingness to fit us in to his busy schedule, excellent carpet - cleaning skills, and just feeling like I was working with a really good person…And I thoroughly support local, small businesses! Beautiful carpet! Looks new!"
Jan Langdon - Middleton, WI

"The care taken to ensure to protect the existing cleanliness of our house, Joe took proper care of protecting corners and tracked in no dirt and was very mindful around areas not being cleaned. Our bedroom carpets were like new again! Any signs of dirt, pet smells and stains are gone. Joe worked around our schedule to ensure minimal inconvenience."
Seth Madsen - Madison, WI

"The Service PLUS technician was very thorough. The thoroughness was a lot better than other carpet cleaners we have had before. The technician was quick and efficient but still took the time to answer all of our questions. He was polite and knowledgeable. Our carpet cleaning exceeded expectations. He was able to restore matted carpet that his competitors couldn't. He listened to what my problem areas were and made sure to spend extra time on those parts. I really liked the rake he used before and after. That was something I've never seen anyone else use before.
Tylor Bretthauer - DeForest, WI

"Prompt service. All the blood was removed from the carpet and upholstery."
Jenanne Anderson - Sun Prairie, WI

“Upfront bidding, flexible, knowledgeable, friendly! Everything looks terrific! We’re very pleased. Joe was a true professional” - Jeff & Melissa Vanden Heuvel – Madison, WI

“Joe was skilled and did the job quickly; easy to schedule a date for the carpet cleaning” – Sue Hill, Verona, WI

“Very professional; loved the corner protectors.” - Kate Hoyer – Madison, WI

“Very good spot removal; would use Service PLUS again.” – Diana Scribner – Mount Horeb, WI

“Joe is very competent, genuine & trustworthy.” – Charise Dunn – Sun Prairie, WI

“Amazing results and very friendly service. No one could believe it was such a dramatic change! Their work definitely helped me sell my home.” – George Lyon – Madison, WI

“Very accommodating with our schedule, on time and professional. Very happy with our results. Our carpets look much better.” – Tara Schwertfeger – Madison,WI

“Excellent quality of work. I was amazed to see 10 year old spots removed. Excellent attention to details. Our Carpets look brand new again even though they are 10 years old. Exceptional customer service and the quality of carpet cleaning was excellent.” – Roger Borges, Sun Prairie, WI

“Joe is just a really good and honest person who wants to get everything right to please the customer. We would definitely trust him in our home even if we were not home. He is clean and neat and Service PLUS is our go-to carpet cleaner service from now on!” – Jack & Barb Brenegan, Sun Prairie, WI

“Service PLUS is quick, efficient, knowledgeable, trustworthy and professional. Wow! The carpets look new again, stains removed and I’m very happy!” – Sherri Collins – Sun Prairie, WI

“Thanks for getting us scheduled so quickly and getting the job done so fast. Wow! The carpet looks new again. Thank you.” – Kimberly Hazen – Madison, WI

“Service PLUS goes out and give you top service to make your carpet look like new again! Joe is the BEST and only service tech that I will let clean my carpets! Joe came on time as always! within a couple of hours Joe had our carpet looking like new again!” – Steve Annen – McFarland, WI

“They are very good at what they do. They take pride in their work. It’s not often you find that these days anymore! Carpets looked BRAND NEW! They also did the back hall tile which other companies would not! Looks great; thanks Joe.” – Kristi Kuehn – Cross Plains, WI

“So fast, efficient and good. After Many years and a lot of people & traffic, Joe brought life back into our carpets!! Thanks Joe!!” – Rachelle Eugster – Brooklyn, WI

“Fast, thorough and efficient. 8-year-old carpet looked new again.” – Sylvia Williams – Sun Prairie, WI

“Convenient, considerable and a job very well done. My 12 year old Berber looks brand new and feels fresh.”
Jodi Ray – Cottage Grove, WI

“Joe did a great job of cleaning a DIRTY carpet and did it quickly. It’s 10 years old and looks brand new.”
Ed Novak – Madison, WI

“Joe was on time! I planned my word day around the appointment. He was professional and I liked the explanation of services and products that were beding used. Joe did also not try to up-sell the service. He could have done more but recommended against (instead of the usual up-sell).”
Jane Hyer – Cross Plains, WI

“Joe was on time and got the job done quickly. Carpet looks great, spots and dirty areas are gone.”
Cindy Mehl – Fitchburg, WI

“Excellent service, very professional. Pet stains gone, carpet looks great.”
Miriam Harris - McFarland, WI

“Let us know he was going to be late. Very professional service. The carpet looked like it was brand new.”
Virginia Honer – Madison, WI

“Joe’s quote was at the low end of his quote, he was incredibly punctual, most importantly the carpet looks amazing. He was very fast too. We needed our carpet stretched in the living room and pet vomit spots on our stairs (A lot of them). Now there is not a single loose spot and you cannot tell about the stair spots.”
Jeff Grinager – Columbus, WI

“Joe was very professional, easy to talk to on the phone and knew exactly what needed to be done and gave me an estimate. Carpet looks great – repairs done as he said they would be.”
Kathy Larson – Madison, WI

“Prompt service, precautions with equipment and quality of job. Excellent; very pleased.
Jeff & Sharon Fauerbach – Verona, WI

“Joe from Service PLUS is neat, clean cut and polite. My carpet looks awesome! Excellent- clean---looks new.”
Carmen Reamer – Cottage Grove, WI

“Called when he was running late, very friendly & knowledgeable! My carpets look brand new- I was embarrassed to have people over before, but not anymore!”
Janis Henslee – Verona, WI

“I actually held off a week to do this survey because the results were almost too good to be true. They are true! Thank you so much.”
Joyce Dodson – Madison, WI

“Very pleasant and performed job in a reasonable time. Very nice job!! Will definitely call for future carpet cleaning.”
Cindy Streber – Lake Mills, WI

“Joe was very kind and easy to talk to; he was very patient as I tried to get my kids out of the house so he could begin his work. We used Service PLUS to have the carpet stretched in our living room and hallway. The results are great. No more bumps for the kids to trip on! After realizing a side of the carpet wasn’t stapled down, Joe returned promptly to staple it down.”
Brendon & Debra Dybdahl – Madison, WI

“Friendliness, availability with in a week to clean our carpets. Joe and Ryan’s attention to detail was outstanding. The carpets are 20+ years old and after getting them clean by Service PLUS they look almost new. Not much moisture left to dry them, so short wait period to place furniture back. Excellent Job!”
Don & Peggy Bindl – Cottage Grove, WI

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